The essence of the brand is to bring fashion and healthy lifestyle together in exciting collections for children from 2 -10 years. The design is Swedish and they are made for playing –comfortable yet fashionable, with a sporty street touch. 

"Dancing in the Grass, is about inspiring to a healthy lifestyle. My passion for nature and healthy food, particularly fruit, berries and vegetables, whose wonderful colours and tastes truly enrich life and always bright my day were the main motivatiors to bring Dancing in the Grass to life . With my brand I want this simple happiness to shine through the clothes and that children and their parents get motivated to a healthy lifestyle. As a mother of a young child I believe in a colorful, diverse, balanced life. The fun and sassy textile prints play along with that and are aligned with the brand message:
Keep things simple!
Enjoy and treasure nature.
Go outside.
Smell the flowers.
Pick berries.
Look at the stars.
Eat an apple.
Smile …

Children who spend time in nature early on in life are much more motivated to get outside and care about nature when they are older, the same goes for eating healthy.
Our unique digital All over Prints play with that, featuring lots of different fruits, veggies flowers & animals having fun. Have you seen a Pineapple that is a Bride? Well, now you will do.
Clothes with a thought
Our story is inspired by a dreamy nature land that really exists, the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden, home to hundreds of mysterious islands, heavily forested and teaming with amazing wildlife.
Get inspired! Nature with all its green treasures are all around us. Embrace it, get on this boat, and enjoy the ride!" -
Carla Högström