Once upon a time in a far distant land there was an enchanted archipelago which had more than 30.000 islands. It was passed on through generations that some of those islands are magic islands. Three girlfriends decided to follow the tale.

Linn, Liv and Lilly were having a sleepover. Planning their magic Island hunt was extremely exciting. Linn had found an old recipe book, with some handwritten notes, in her grandmother's attic. The notes were clues that could help them find out which were the magic islands.

What drew their attention first were the beautiful illustrations of berries among the recipes. Next to each berry there was a handwritten note. Most of the notes were written in a very old Swedish. When they first read it they almost didn't understand anything. Liv commented to her parents their discovery and also their disappointment of not being able to understand the notes. Liv's dad asked if he could take a look at the book. Next day Liv brought home the beautiful recipe book. If nothing else they could do a nice berry pie, after all is a recipe book.

When Liv's dad read the notes he recognized "the old Swedish". "Liv I think I know someone that can translate this old Swedish - Mrs Gudmundsdottir". Liv was confused. Mrs Gudmundsdottir was the Icelandic next door neighbor. How could she understand the notes. They sat at the kitchen table, Mrs Gudmundsdottir offered some lovely blueberry muffins and saft. One hour after Liv and dad left Mrs Gudmundsdottir's house with a smile on their faces. All the notes were translated. Juicy stuff. Liv was so proud, she couldn't wait to tell the others!

The sleepover had been meticulously planned. Lilly's summer house in the archipelago was the perfect headquarters. Now all they needed to do was to crack the code in the notes. Magic islands here we come!

The three girls got up early. Excitement was in the air. They put on their lovely and comfy summery dresses and took a nice breakfast, while going over and over the first note "Whisper to the rose hip (nypon - in Swedish) and you will see the magic in the " I ". Make sure you whisper the love to be".

The first step was to find a rose hip fruit. Linn found a rose hip bush. They picked some rose hips, and started to whisper...They tried endless amount of words, all from "magic", "magic Island", "love".... Nothing happened. A bit disappointed the three friends sat by the water. The day was awaking, the water was refreshingly touching their feet. "We need a word that starts with an " I " Liv said. "Maybe an Island name" she added. "That's easy" Lilly said. "Ingarö - the island we are now". Linn looked at the last rose hip in her hand and whispered to it "Ingarö my love to be".

The girls could not believe it, the rose hip grew gigantically. The litle leaf that was floating in the water was now a boat raft where they could go on. A bird flew by singing a song "Get on that boat and enjoy the ride, the magic land just arrived".

The three friends couldn't wait to explore the magic islands in their new ride.

 To be continued....

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