“Row, Row, row, your leaf
gently down the stream.
Heading east with the breeze,
catch up with us please”.
Their singing and laughs were echoing all around.

Liv stopped singing and asked the others “Where are we going?”.
Linn also wondered “Shall we follow the stream or maybe try to follow the singing bird?”.
Lilly suggested to look up a new clue. The girls all agreed.

Linn read clue number 2 “Some are poison some are good just make sure you understood. If you’re 4 at the door just make sure you whisper more. Dandelions (maskros in Swedish) and you are really the clue.”

In the meantime, the leaf boat suddenly stopped by a tiny island. A little lagoon in the middle looked inviting for a swim. The girls decided to look around first. They needed dandelions.
Liv spotted 4 dandelions all together by the lagoon. “Dandelions are not poisoned right?” Lilly asked. The others agreed, dandelions are not poisoned. The girls picked one dandelion each. “We need to be 4, there are 4 dandelions…” Linn wondered. “Friends stay together” Lilly said “We cannot take these Dandelions; they belong to each other”. The girls put the dandelions back, next to each other, exactly as they were when they were picked and started to walk back to where the leaf boat was.

To their surprise they heard a voice from behind “Hey you…”.
They turned around and saw a girl, the same age as them, running towards them. “Who are you?” the 3 friends asked almost simultaneously.
“I’m Lotta, and I live in the neighboring island. I swim here often. And who are you?”. The 3 friends presented themselves.

Lotta seemed so nice that the girls decided to share their story.
“So we are 4 now.”Lotta excitedly continued “Maybe we can go back and pick the dandelions”.
The 4 girls went back to the lagoon where the 4 dandelions were.
Lotta picked the last one. The girls looked at each other waiting for magic to happen but there was nothing…
”The clue said if you are 4 at the door …what door?” Liv wondered.
“There are no doors on this island “stated Lotta.
“Girls, we just opened the door to Lotta, to be part of our friendship...maybe that is it”. Lilly added triumphantly.
“We just need to focus on the poison part of clue now!” she said laughing.

The girls looked around trying to figure out what could be poisoning.
“I know!” Lotta said, “It’s mushrooms, some are poison some are not!”
The girls jumped for joy. They had cracked the last part of the code. Now what? They had to find mushrooms.
They were looking around when Linn called for the others “I found them” she said.
Linn found 4 chanterelles, all together, just like the dandelions.
The girls picked one each.
“Let’s put them all together, friends should be together!” Liv said.

As soon the last chanterelle and dandelion were added together the magic happened. The dandelions and chanterelles started to grow tremendously.
The Chanterelles were now trumpets playing a beautiful song.
The girls started to dance. To their surprise they could dance on top of the lagoon water.
What a breathtaking view. Girls dancing, in their beautiful new clothes, to a Beautiful song played by the amazing chanterelles, celebrating new friendships.

What else can happen in these magic islands?

To be continued....

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